Hand Blown Mystic Memory Bead Bracelet

Stunning hand blown Mystic Beads shown with 5 Beads on a cord. Beautiful bead design shows the ashes winding and flowing around the main bead. Cremation bracelets are discreet and can be worn all day. These beads are sold individually and can be added to bracelet or hung as a pendant.

  • Hand crafted in Canada 
  • dimensions- approximately 14mm x 11mm each

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Custom crafted with love in Canada.

After you order, a collection  kit will be mailed and  will include: a small tin with a lid, a disposable spoon, instruction sheet and an addressed envelope to the artists making the piece you selected. You may receive multiple kits if you have ordered from more than one artist.

These custom keepsakes will be completed within 2-4 weeks after you mail in your cremated ashes.

Your order will include a Certificate of Authenticty.

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